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It was in 1975 when PT PUTRABANGUN BERSAMA started renting a unit of old Russian-made bulldozer to contractor companies. Since then, the old bulldozer has contributed in shaping Indonesia development. In April 11,1981 Mr. Hendrik japutra officially established CV Putra Bangunan. 


At first, the company focused on “land development,” then expanding to “infrastructures for road” and bridges for oil drilling companies. With the arising economy in 1980, the company, continued to develop rapidly.


In 1992, the company was appointed as the Sole Agent of Jianglu Machinery Plant Import & Export Company, China, to market Tower Crane and Passenger Hoist in Indonesia. Thus, Putra Bangunan started selling, buying, and providing rental service for qualified high-rise equipments. In 1996, the company had owned more than 100 units of heavy-duty equipments to support construction projects throughout Indonesia. With proven track record and high quality service, Putra Bangunan was undoubtedly a trusted vendor to big players in construction industry.


PT PUTRABANGUN BERSAMA was established in December 22, 1997 to replace CV. Putra Bangunan, registered with Notarial Deed Certification No. 223 from Singgih Susilo SH.


After succeeding in construction and forestry industry, the company expanded to agribusiness sector, by developing palm plantation and exporting CPO (Crude Palm Oil).


In October 17, 2006, PT Putra Bangun Bersama became PMDN (Domestic Capital Investment Company), based on Investment Agreement Letter No. 153/I/PMDN/2006 published by Capital Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal).


PT. Putra Bangun Bersama was rebranded in 2011. To date, the company is known as PT. Putra Bangun Persada Baru.


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