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Indo Tower Crane is a heavy equipment contractor that provides various types of heavy equipment with a choice of sizes and functions. Heavy equipment is equipment that is generally used to work with large quantities of materials or work with high risk.

The use of heavy equipment is usually found in the building construction industry, mining, plantation and agricultural industries, and various other needs. In addition to industrial needs, heavy equipment is also used for social work needs, for example for the post-disaster evacuation process. For those of you who are in need of heavy equipment, we are a heavy equipment contractor company ready to provide the best because we have the following qualities.

More complete machine selection

Whatever heavy equipment needs you want, we are heavy equipment contractors. Some of the product choices we have include:

  1. Tower crane
  2. Passenger hoist
  3. Excavators
  4. Bulldozer
  5. Drilling rig
  6. Graders
  7. Passenger hoist
  8. Pile Driver, and various other heavy equipment


We are a heavy equipment contractor with a wide selection of products available in various brands. You can choose which product has the specifications that best suit your needs and also the quality of the product that fits your budget. In addition to heavy equipment products, we also sell various spare parts for maintenance on your heavy equipment. Genuine spare parts of the highest quality are available to make it easier for you to make repairs on damaged heavy equipment or replace parts of machine components that are worn and must be replaced for the safety of the equipment.


Experienced Heavy Equipment Contractor in various fields

We heavy equipment contractors started our journey as land preparation which then spread to the field of road facilities and infrastructure and also bridges within an oil drilling company. Then we also have experience in the world of forestry to agribusiness by providing various kinds of heavy equipment that can be used for land processing to the construction of various kinds of construction and also the facilities needed. We are also an authorized distributor company appointed by Jianglu Machinery Plant Import & Export Company from China to market tower crane and passenger hoist products in Indonesia.

Armed with experience in the sale of heavy equipment and its use for various industrial needs in Indonesia, we are heavy equipment contractors ready to be your partner in procuring heavy equipment with proven quality, multipurpose, and direct from the factory. Every heavy equipment product that you get from us is a machine that is ready to use and its application is quite wide not limited to just one type of industry.


Strong desire to help build the country

We are a heavy equipment contractor company not only on a mission to sell or rent heavy equipment to companies or individuals in need. We also have a vision to participate in the development of the country by providing heavy equipment that is of higher quality, safer to use, and can work with heavy materials to accelerate the development process in Indonesia.

 crane rental price
Finding a service provider company heavy equipment rental, one of which is Crane, is of course very easy because nowadays there are many companies best to provide such heavy equipment. Heavy equipment like this is usually used to carry out work on large projects required by the builder.

Well, when discussing the issue of crane rental prices, the tenant usually provides the rental price of heavy equipment which is calculated per hour. Therefore, for those of you who want to know more information, then you can see it as below regarding the rental price of the heavy equipment.

Crane Rental Price Information

Cranes are also one of the heavy equipment that consumers are currently looking for to work on large projects. However, when talking about crane rental prices, of course, usually the company that provides crane rental services will certainly offer an affordable price and usually the fee is calculated on an hourly basis. Not only that, the price offered also varies greatly depending on the type of crane you choose and use. For information about crane rental prices, you can see them below:

Crane Capacity 30 to 35 Tons: 350,000/hour

The first crane that you can rent is a crane with a capacity of 30 to 35 tons. Where this heavy equipment is offered by the company with a rental price of around Rp. 350,000 per hour and you can rent this type of crane for a minimum of up to 50 hours.

Crane Capacity 40 Ton: 420,000/hour

Are you looking for heavy equipment such as a crane to help build your project and need a crane with a capacity of 40 tons? No need to be confused, because this company also provides cranes with a load capacity of up to 40 tons. Well, the price offered is usually around Rp. 420,000 per hour and can be rented for a minimum of 50 hours.

Crane Capacity 50 to 60 Ton: 550,000/hour

Then there are also cranes with a capacity of 50 to 60 tons. Where the price offered also varies greatly depending on the capacity of the crane. For cranes with a capacity of 50 tons usually around Rp. 450,000 per hour while for a crane with a capacity of 60 tons, it is offered at a price of Rp. 550,000 per hour. In addition, each of these cranes can be rented for a minimum of up to 50 hours.

Crane Capacity 80 to 120 Tons: 1,100.00/hour

This crane does have many models and tons capacity. Where for a capacity of 80 tons is offered at a price of around Rp. 700,000, for a crane capacity of 100 tons offered Rp. 850,000 while for cranes with a capacity of 120 tons, the price offered is around Rp. 1,100,000.

Crane Capacity 150 to 200 Ton: 1,750,000/hour

Finally, there is also a crane capacity of 150 tons and a crane with a capacity of 200 tons. The prices offered are also very different. Where for a crane with a capacity of 150 tons is offered at a price of around Rp. 1,300,000 while for a crane of 200 tons it is around Rp. 1,750,000.

So, above, there is some information about crane rental prices according to capacity that you can choose according to your needs. For further information, you can contact or check on the official website via

Caterpillar Machine Price List
In this case, the existence of heavy equipment in working on a project, be it a construction project or a manufacturing project, is certainly increasingly important. Why is that? Because the presence of these heavy equipment is certainly very helpful for the job and makes the job easier to do. However, did you know that currently there are many companies that offer you various services, whether it’s heavy equipment rental or selling heavy equipment, such as Caterpillar. Well, here is also a list of prices for Caterpillar heavy equipment that you can see.

Information on Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Price List

As you know that heavy equipment is indeed one of the tools that can make it easier for workers to work on a building project, be it construction, manufacturing and others. However, these heavy equipment have many different models and functions, one of which is Caterpillar. So, for those of you who are looking for and want to know the selling price of these heavy equipment, you can see that there are several Caterpillar heavy equipment price lists as below:


1. Caterpillar D7G: 900 million

For the first Caterpillar heavy equipment, the Caterpillar D7G produced in 2009. Where for now, there are a lot of used Caterpillar tools that are still in good condition that you can choose and buy. This type is usually offered at a price of around Rp. 900 million up to the top.


2. Caterpillar D3C-LGP II: 425 million – 435 million

Then there is also the Caterpillar D3C-LGP II. Where for those of you who are looking for this type of heavy equipment and produced in 1997. Usually the price offered can reach around Rp. 425 million to Rp. 435 million.


3. Caterpillar D3C-LGP: 635 million

Caterpillar heavy equipment does have many types and years of production, so the prices offered are also very different. However, if you need this one machine, the main thing you have to look at is the condition of the machine being offered, whether it is still of high quality or not. In addition, the price offered must also be carefully considered whether it is in accordance with the quality of the goods offered or not. Well, usually for the 2006 Caterpillar D3C-LGP it is offered with a price range of Rp. 635 million.


4. Caterpillar 330BL: 425 million

Furthermore, there is also the Caterpillar 330BL which was produced in 1996 and 2000. For the selling price of this heavy equipment, it is usually offered at a price of around Rp. 425 million. In addition, that price is usually offered at a used selling price and in very good condition.


5. Caterpillar 330CL: 535 million

The last one is the Caterpillar 330CL which was issued in 2004. For those of you who are looking for Caterpillar heavy equipment at used prices, you can see the Caterpillar heavy equipment price list here. Where the price offered is around Rp. 535 million.

So, for those of you who are looking for heavy equipment, there is some information regarding the price list for Caterpillar machines that you can check out. Further information you can check on the official website via

Bulldozer Heavy Equipment Rental Prices
Heavy equipment is indeed very helpful for workers in carrying out large project tasks in building construction and others. Where at this time there are also many companies engaged in the rental of heavy equipment, one of which is Bulldozer. Well, for those of you who are looking for this one heavy equipment, you can first see the list of Bulldozer heavy equipment rental prices offered by heavy equipment rental companies.

Bulldozer Rental Price Info

Melakukan pekerjaan besar seperti proyek membangun gedung dan lainnya, memang tidak lengkap tanpa alat berat seperti Bulldozer serta yang lainnya. Banyak perusahaan yang menawarkan penyewaan alat berat yang dapat Anda pilih. Namun, harga atau biaya yang ditawarkan biasanya dihitung per jam. Tak hanya itu saja, harga sewa alat Bulldozer ini tentu sangat bervariasi sekali tergantung dengan jenis alat berat tersebut. Untuk itu, berikut ada beberapa daftar harga sewa alat berat Bulldozer yang dapat Anda lihat seperti di bawah ini :


1. Bulldozer D20-3 Komatsu: 110.000/jam

Bulldozer D20-3 Komatsu ini biasanya digunakan oleh para pekerja untuk menggali tanah serta meratakan tanah. Untuk pembangunan proyek besar biasanya jenis alat berat yang satu ini paling dibutuhkan oleh para pekerja sehingga dapat memudahkan pekerjaan mereka. Namun, jika berbicara masalah harga sewa alat berat Bulldozer jenis ini biasanya pihak penyewa menawarkan harga atau biaya sekitar Rp. 110.000 untuk per jamnya.


2. Bulldozer D31E Komatsu: 130.000/jam

Selanjutnya ada juga Bulldozer D31E Komatsu. Dimana bagi Anda yang membutuhkan alat berat dengan jenis Bulldozer D31E Komatsu Anda bisa melihat disini mengenai harga sewanya. Untuk biaya atau harga sewanya di tawarkan sekitar Rp. 130.000 per jamnya.


3. Bulldozer D65P Komatsu: 155.000/jam

Mencari perusahaan penyewaan alat berat seperti Bulldozer tentu sangat mudah sekali, karena saat ini banyak perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang ini dan menawarkan Anda dengan berbagai macam alat berat yang dapat Anda sewa salah satunya yaitu Bulldozer D65P Komatsu. Dimana alat berat yang satu ini ditawarkan oleh perusahaan penyewaan alat berat dengan biaya sewa sekitar Rp. 155.000 untuk per jamnya.


4. Bulldozer D6D Caterpillar: 165.000/jam

Kemudian ada juga jenis Bulldozer D6D Caterpillar. Dimana untuk jenis ini pihak perusahaan menawarkan Anda dengan harga atau biaya sewa yaitu sekitar Rp. 165.000 untuk per jamnya.


5. Bulldozer D7G Caterpillar: 220.000/jam

Yang terakhir ada juga Bulldozer D7G Caterpillar yang ditawarkan oleh perusahaan penyewaan alat berat. Nah, untuk jenis ini biaya atau harga sewa yang ditawarkan yaitu sekitar Rp. 220.000 untuk per jamnya.
Jadi, bagi Anda yang membutuhkan Bulldozer dan ingin menyewanya, Anda bisa langsung melihat beberapa daftar harga sewa alat berat Bulldozer seperti diatas. Selain itu, bagi Anda yang sedang mencari perusahaan penyewaan alat berat yang terpercaya dan terbaik Anda bisa memilih perusahaan yang satu ini. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut Anda bisa mengunjungi website di


Bulldozer rental price – Bulldozer is a type of heavy equipment that is quite familiar to the public, even the general public. Its distinctive shape and unique name make this machine quite popular. Bulldozers are usually used to remove large amounts of material such as soil, sand, snow, or other materials by using a wide and thick metal plate on the front of the machine.

Its use can also be found in the building construction industry, agriculture, mining, heavy manufacturing industry, military bases, it can also be found used for housing and community life purposes, such as removing various kinds of materials that block connecting roads. For those of you who want to rent bulldozers, there are several types of heavy equipment that you should know so you can choose which product is more suitable.


Crawler bulldozer

This type of bulldozer does not use wheels as a means of propulsion but uses a crawler propulsion device as used in tanks. Crawler bulldozers are usually equipped with a ripper on the back, a tool similar in shape to a claw whose function is to break up hard or lumpy material. Crawler bulldozers are mostly used to move materials on uneven ground so that the steel plate on the front can move materials such as sand, soil, or other heavy materials more easily. You can contact us at +6221 5331188 This bulldozer rental price is for daily or monthly use.


Wheel bulldozer

As the name implies, this type of bulldozer uses wheels and tires as its driving force and is a heavy equipment that is generally used for building construction needs. In terms of size, the wheel type is larger than the crawler type and has a smoother performance and high performance so that the bulldozer rental price for the wheel type is more expensive than the crawler type. In addition to being relatively easier to use with maximum results compared to the crawler type, the wheel type bulldozer also uses a hydraulic steering system that makes it more flexible and can reach a narrower area.


The difference between steel plates used in bulldozers

The types of bulldozers are also distinguished by the shape of the steel plate on the front. Bulldozer with type U has a slab shape like the letter U which has a function so that the collected material does not spill from the sides of the plate. This bulldozer is better used to move materials for longer distances. In addition to the U shape, there are also bulldozer steel plates that use a straight shape or called S-blade, and also SU-blade which has a shape between S and U. Get to know each character and function of the different types of bulldozers available, get bulldozer rental prices the best to make your business easier.


Recently, the use of heavy equipment for construction and manufacturing projects is a very supportive thing in the development carried out by the government, of course. Using heavy equipment will help shorten the time the work is carried out. However, do you know the name of the machine and its function?


Heavy Equipment Overview

Heavy equipment is a tool used to assist human work in terms of construction, both construction and manufacturing. Its use is an important thing in a project, especially mining projects, construction and other large-scale activities.

Using these heavy equipment aims to facilitate human work in producing a building in a relatively shorter time compared to ordinary work. These heavy equipment are very diverse and their functions vary depending on their respective classifications.


The classification of the name of the heavy equipment is related to its various functions, some are used to build roads, some are used to make buildings and others.


Names of Heavy Equipment Under Construction

The use of heavy equipment must be adapted to the conditions and also the field situation. The selection of an inappropriate tool can certainly affect the work starting from the time of completion and also the loss of costs that may occur from not achieving the target from the specified time. Previously, you need to understand about the function and also its application before determining the type or amount of heavy equipment that will be used later.

Call it heavy equipment that is often used for construction projects, including:

1. Dozer

Dozer is a tractor that has been equipped with a knife on the front which has a function to cut or push material. The type of work that uses the help of this dozer is the process of opening new roads, moving material over short distances, peeling top soil and also clearing land from trees, spreading materials, refilling canals, etc.

2. Digging Tool

Digging tool is a tool used to dig soil or rocks. This tool is better known as an excavator. Included in the digging tool category are backhoes, draglines, clamshells and front shovels.

3. Transport Equipment

Transport equipment is a tool that can transport material vertically and then move it over a relatively short distance in a horizontal manner. Meanwhile, for longer distances, use tools in the form of trucks, wagons and belts.

4. Soil Compaction Tool

Soil Compaction Tool is a tool used to compact the soil. That is, if there is a land that has a pile of soil, it is necessary to compact it so that the land can be leveled. It is usually used for road construction.

Those are the names of heavy equipment that are often used in construction and their functions. To get quality, please visit only.


Every building / construction project certainly requires various heavy equipment, such as excavators. This excavator serves to increase work productivity. Especially in the implementation of excavation project work with a large volume. If you don’t have this heavy equipment, you can rent an excavator from a heavy equipment rental company.

Then how to determine the right excavator so as not to get a damaged or problematic excavator so that it can reduce productivity? The following are some things you need to pay attention to when renting an excavator, including:

Pay attention to the completeness of heavy equipment documents

The first thing you need to pay attention to before renting an excavator from a heavy equipment rental service provider is the completeness of the documents. Check in advance whether the excavator is equipped with a proper operation permit (SILO), pay attention to the validity period of the SILO on the equipment. By knowing the completeness of the excavator documents that you will rent, you will get information about the brand, capacity and year of manufacture of the heavy equipment.

Check the condition of the operator’s cabin

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the condition of the operator’s cabin. Pay attention to the equipment in the operator’s cabin from the excavator, such as seats, glass and wipers, seat belts, cabin doors, cabin lights to the odometer and handbrake. Check if all can work properly.

Pay attention to the physical condition of the tool and machine room

In addition to the condition of the cabin, you also need to look at the physical condition of the tool, including its smooth operation, the condition of the track wheels and the condition of the bucket. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the condition of the engine room. Check whether the engine is dry, whether or not the oil condition is good, whether it is engine oil, transmission oil, or hydraulic oil. Also pay attention to the radiator is still in good condition and the water in the radiator is sufficient.

If you are not very knowledgeable about these things, there is nothing wrong if you ask a mechanic or someone else who has more knowledge about machines to check and research the details of the heavy equipment so that the equipment you rent is heavy equipment in good condition.

Rent quality excavators at Indo Tower Crane

One company that provides excavator rental services is Indo Tower Crane. Indo Tower Crane provides a variety of heavy equipment that can be rented to assist you in the process of moving goods and other heavy equipment for the construction of architectural buildings, infrastructure, to mining needs.

Apart from excavators, various heavy equipment that you can rent here include bulldozer, graders, trucks to trailers and other heavy equipment. Various types of heavy equipment for rent here also consist of various types, so you can choose according to your heavy equipment needs.

The term contractors is very well known to the public, because they are someone whose work is related to a contract. Contractors can help other people build houses where they don’t have time to build their own houses. Opening a contractor service does not require large capital, you only need to estimate how much capital is spent, for example for operational funds and employee fees. Contractors are selected as project implementers according to their expertise.

Duties of a Contactor

If the contractor’s work is related to the contract, then what about the duties and responsibilities of a contractor? This contractor is also under a supervisory team who is indeed employed by the owner or owner. Thus, a contractor can consult with the supervisory team. If a problem occurs or there is a problem when the project is implemented, it can be consulted. Not only that, the project design must be really well made before project implementation. The duties of a contactor are as follows.

  1. Work in the construction must be in accordance with the regulations and specifications that have been planned in advance in the contract.
  2. Report progress in project implementation including daily, weekly and monthly reports. Some of the things reported include; implementation of work, number of workers, project progress, problems that occur, and natural influences that affect it.
  3. Create and execute a planned work schedule.
  4. Provides materials, space, and labor for a project. It aims to get a smooth development.
  5. Maintain and protect all tools related to project execution.
  6. Safety and comfort of the project site is also the responsibility of the contractor for smooth implementation.
  7. Evaluate the work that has not been and has been done. If there’s anything odd, it will be immediately noticed.
  8. Provides a guarantee that the project built has complied with the safety elements and complies with applicable laws.
  9. Maintaining work speed so that the construction process is completed on schedule.

Some of the things mentioned above are only a small part of the contractor’s duties. In essence, contractors play an important role in realizing a building, regardless of its type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Contractor Work

Becoming a contractor is not easy, it takes special skills and patience so that the project can be carried out smoothly. Whatever a person’s profession, of course, has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages of being a contractor that can be categorized as good.

  1. The salary is high, at least 2x the minimum wage of the city where you work.
  2. Projects move around so you can minimize boredom because you can get a new work environment. So you are not in one environment for a long time.
  3. Not only can you change your work environment, your coworkers can also change every time you move a project. So you can get more acquaintances, new friends, and more work links.

After knowing the advantages of being a contractor, of course there are also things that are not good or bad. Anything? here’s the review.

  1. He doesn’t work according to time, it can be from morning to night so he has little time to spend with his family. Not only that, it’s also rare to socialize with the community.
  2. Possible to be placed in all regions of Indonesia. You can wander for life and be away from your family.
  3. Must be easy to adapt because you are required to always move projects with new atmosphere, new environment, and new coworkers. If you do not adapt easily, then you will be excluded from the world of work.

Those are some things related to contractor work. If you choose to engage in this world, it’s best to do well without any negativity that follows.


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