Indo Tower Crane


PT Putra Bangun Persada Baru was entrusted to contribute to the construction project of the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Rail by leasing Tower Cranes. To date, the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Rail project has reached 73.48% progress. The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jokowi, was present to provide support and hope that by the end of 2022 the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Railway could be piloted immediately.



PT Putra Bangun Persada Baru rents out Passenger Hoist on the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Rail Project. President Jokowi carried out a review of the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Rail Project together with the Ambassador of the Republic of China to Indonesia, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of SOEs, the Governor of West Java, and the President Director of PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia-China.


PT Putra Bangun Persada Baru carried out the Piling Work from PT Hutama Karya (Persero) for the ICB Package LMS-02 Project : North Main Canal Upgrading Works for Irrigation Modernization Range in Indramayu, West Java.


16 shopping mall who uses IndoTowerCrane :
  • Plaza Senayan
  • Senayan City
  • Mall Taman Anggrek
  • Mall Central Park
  • Pacific Place
  • Mall Kelapa Gading 2
  • AEON Mall
  • Mall Summarecon Bekasi
  • Epicentrum
  • Mall Ciputra World
  • Mangga Dua Square
  • Pluit Village
  • WTC Mangga Dua
  • Mall Cileungsi
  • Mall Metropolitan Bekasi
  • Season City

Project LRT bertotalkan sebesar 5.29 triliun rupiah. Ini terbentang sekitar 6 kilometer dari Kelapa Gading (Jakarta Utara) sampai ke kawasan Velodrome (Jakarta Timur). LRT tahap pertama ditargetkan selesai akhir tahun 2017.

Nama Project Meikarta yang diusung oleh Lippo Group berarti More than Jakarta (lebih dari Jakarta). Kawasan Meikarta mempunyai total luas 2.200 hektar. Nilai total investasi adalah sebesar 278 triliun rupiah.


IndoTowerCrane kini menghadirkan berita dan artikel seputar industri konstruksi dan alat berat.


The government has carried out a lot of development, especially in the infrastructure sector. The country is conducting self-improvement for its facilities. Mainly, the capital city of Jakarta, which has never stopped improving itself to be worthy of being called the nation’s capital. That’s why the construction requires the procurement of heavy equipment which if contractors can’t afford it, they can rent an excavator in Jakarta.


Excavator Overview

Excavator itself is a heavy equipment whose part consists of a machine on wheels equipped with an arm as a dredging tool with a basket and the housing of the excavator controller which can rotate as needed. This tool is usually used to complete work in the form of excavating land that cannot be done directly by human hands. In Indonesia, these excavators are used to dig soil to build railroads or railroads.


Excavators are better known to the Indonesian people as stupid. But the meaning is very different. Bego itself comes from English, namely Backhoe which is a small excavator with the back of a tractor engine.


There are many types of excavators, including compact excavators, draglines, long reach excavators, steam shovels, power shovels and suction excavators. You can see many types before buying, but if you have a limited budget, our advice is to just use a Jakarta excavator rental that will help find a solution to your problem.


The uses of excavators are many, such as digging trenches, digging building foundations, digging holes, handling materials, cutting land with special equipment, forestry work, crushing materials, leveling soil, transporting heavy materials, doing mining work, dredging rivers, plugging foundation rods etc. .


Jakarta Excavator Rental

These dredgers are often found in areas under construction or project areas. Its existence is indeed an important thing. This is because excavator work cannot be replaced by human work. So the existence of this tool is quite important in a development.


Its existence, which is considered important, makes many people try to procure heavy equipment such as this excavator, but it is undeniable that the price is expensive, so it becomes a separate obstacle for some entrepreneurs. Procuring a heavy equipment is not an easy thing, especially if it is not accompanied by large funds. It’s not just that your ongoing project has been chased by the cost if you use credit. Then how can you solve this problem but don’t add to the heavy costs needed to work on the building project later?


If you are confused about buying this tool because the cost is arguably not cheap, then you can rent it at an excavator rental in Jakarta, which of course is ready to serve you but according to the terms and rules that apply. This is the most appropriate solution.


Rental Crane

Rental cranes Jakarta – Development in Indonesia continues to ensure that infrastructure facilities and economic progress can reach their targets. Therefore, it is not surprising that many construction companies are currently busy providing the best services to their clients to realize building designs and various kinds of facilities. meet operational and safety standards.

Various kinds of heavy equipment are used to carry out the construction process, including crane which has the function of lifting or lowering materials from one point to another. another point. Cranes are usually widely used for the construction of tall buildings. You don’t have to buy a new one, a construction company can procure cranes by rent. Here are the reasons why Jakarta crane rental can be a more efficient construction solution.


Experienced and qualified operator

Not just anyone can control a crane because it takes someone who understands how cranes work and has the dedication to operate the crane with applicable safety standards. Therefore, the crane can only be operated by people with a valid and valid qualification certificate.

The operator is not only responsible for operating the crane safely, he is also responsible for checking the condition of the crane before and after use and immediately reporting if something is out of place. Jakarta crane rental company is a professional company that also provides qualified crane operators with strict regulatory standards so that your building construction can run more smoothly.


Providing cranes of the highest quality

Jakarta crane rental company has heavy equipment for building construction with high product specifications and can be used for medium to large scale construction. large scale. You can choose to use the type of crane which is tailored to your needs. For example, tower cranes whose installations are semi-permanent so that they do not have to be dismantled to lift and lower materials. There are also cranes that are transported by vehicles so there is no need for a permanent installation process, and can be easily moved when not in use.


More security

The construction environment for building construction is an environment with a high work risk. Using the services of a crane rental company in Jakarta can improve the quality of risk management that arises in your business. The crane rental company has the capability and qualifications to ensure that the crane installation process is in accordance with safety standards, the operation is carried out by skilled operators, and crane maintenance is also carried out with strict safety standards. Thus the high work risk in the building construction environment can be handled better.


The construction process will run more effectively and efficiently

By handing over the operations and management of heavy equipment to a Jakarta crane rental company, you can focus more on the overall development process. No need to worry about heavy equipment operations and management, it will greatly ease the burden on human resources and the costs borne by the company. By handing it over to a professional company, the building construction process can be completed on time and your clients are satisfied with the work of your construction company.


trusted heavy equipment leasing
Using heavy equipment can indeed help work on large projects. Heavy equipment is very important in assisting the work, not only to achieve the specified target but also to shorten the processing time. The presence of heavy equipment will also reduce costs if the processing time is more precise. Heavy equipment leasing will assist you in procuring the heavy equipment.

About Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is equipment that can help humans in working on their projects. The project is more about development or manufacturing, both infrastructure, which is being carried out by our government. The procurement of heavy equipment will later be able to help speed up the work on projects that are being carried out whose use is quite large in scale. The classification of the heavy equipment includes:


Land Processing Equipment

In working on a project, it is usually still in the form of original land, aka you have to prepare everything before cultivating the land. If the land to be worked on still contains shrubs and trees, it is necessary to clear the land using dozer. Meanwhile, to lift the soil in the top layer, it is necessary to use a scraper. To get a lot of choices in these heavy equipment, you can work with a trusted heavy equipment leasing company.


Digging Tool

For this digging tool, people are more familiar with the term excavator. Several other tools are also used to dig soil and rock. This includes the backhoe (better known as the begho), dragline, front shovel and clamshell.


Material Transport Equipment

This material transporter is capable of transporting material by lifting vertically and then moving it horizontally but the distance is only close. If you need a relatively long distance, don’t use a crane but a belt, wagon or truck.


Material Transfer Tool

Material transfer equipment is a means of transportation but not the usual one used to transport people, but rather to lift and move materials from one place to another.


Soil Compactor

This tool is used to compact the soil that will usually be made into roads or transportation access.


Trusted Heavy Equipment Leasing

Due to the existence of heavy equipment that can indeed meet the needs of construction and manufacturing projects, the existence of leasing from these heavy equipment will even further assist you in procuring goods so that the budget can be adjusted to the budget you have.

However, in determining a trusted heavy equipment leasing, of course you need to find out related information on certain websites or just use a search engine. But to further strengthen your confidence, you can directly ask close people or friends who have worked with this heavy equipment leasing.

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