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Caterpillar Machine Price List

Caterpillar Machine Price List
In this case, the existence of heavy equipment in working on a project, be it a construction project or a manufacturing project, is certainly increasingly important. Why is that? Because the presence of these heavy equipment is certainly very helpful for the job and makes the job easier to do. However, did you know that currently there are many companies that offer you various services, whether it’s heavy equipment rental or selling heavy equipment, such as Caterpillar. Well, here is also a list of prices for Caterpillar heavy equipment that you can see.

Information on Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Price List

As you know that heavy equipment is indeed one of the tools that can make it easier for workers to work on a building project, be it construction, manufacturing and others. However, these heavy equipment have many different models and functions, one of which is Caterpillar. So, for those of you who are looking for and want to know the selling price of these heavy equipment, you can see that there are several Caterpillar heavy equipment price lists as below:


1. Caterpillar D7G: 900 million

For the first Caterpillar heavy equipment, the Caterpillar D7G produced in 2009. Where for now, there are a lot of used Caterpillar tools that are still in good condition that you can choose and buy. This type is usually offered at a price of around Rp. 900 million up to the top.


2. Caterpillar D3C-LGP II: 425 million – 435 million

Then there is also the Caterpillar D3C-LGP II. Where for those of you who are looking for this type of heavy equipment and produced in 1997. Usually the price offered can reach around Rp. 425 million to Rp. 435 million.


3. Caterpillar D3C-LGP: 635 million

Caterpillar heavy equipment does have many types and years of production, so the prices offered are also very different. However, if you need this one machine, the main thing you have to look at is the condition of the machine being offered, whether it is still of high quality or not. In addition, the price offered must also be carefully considered whether it is in accordance with the quality of the goods offered or not. Well, usually for the 2006 Caterpillar D3C-LGP it is offered with a price range of Rp. 635 million.


4. Caterpillar 330BL: 425 million

Furthermore, there is also the Caterpillar 330BL which was produced in 1996 and 2000. For the selling price of this heavy equipment, it is usually offered at a price of around Rp. 425 million. In addition, that price is usually offered at a used selling price and in very good condition.


5. Caterpillar 330CL: 535 million

The last one is the Caterpillar 330CL which was issued in 2004. For those of you who are looking for Caterpillar heavy equipment at used prices, you can see the Caterpillar heavy equipment price list here. Where the price offered is around Rp. 535 million.

So, for those of you who are looking for heavy equipment, there is some information regarding the price list for Caterpillar machines that you can check out. Further information you can check on the official website via

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