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Duties, Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Contractor

The term contractors is very well known to the public, because they are someone whose work is related to a contract. Contractors can help other people build houses where they don’t have time to build their own houses. Opening a contractor service does not require large capital, you only need to estimate how much capital is spent, for example for operational funds and employee fees. Contractors are selected as project implementers according to their expertise.

Duties of a Contactor

If the contractor’s work is related to the contract, then what about the duties and responsibilities of a contractor? This contractor is also under a supervisory team who is indeed employed by the owner or owner. Thus, a contractor can consult with the supervisory team. If a problem occurs or there is a problem when the project is implemented, it can be consulted. Not only that, the project design must be really well made before project implementation. The duties of a contactor are as follows.

  1. Work in the construction must be in accordance with the regulations and specifications that have been planned in advance in the contract.
  2. Report progress in project implementation including daily, weekly and monthly reports. Some of the things reported include; implementation of work, number of workers, project progress, problems that occur, and natural influences that affect it.
  3. Create and execute a planned work schedule.
  4. Provides materials, space, and labor for a project. It aims to get a smooth development.
  5. Maintain and protect all tools related to project execution.
  6. Safety and comfort of the project site is also the responsibility of the contractor for smooth implementation.
  7. Evaluate the work that has not been and has been done. If there’s anything odd, it will be immediately noticed.
  8. Provides a guarantee that the project built has complied with the safety elements and complies with applicable laws.
  9. Maintaining work speed so that the construction process is completed on schedule.

Some of the things mentioned above are only a small part of the contractor’s duties. In essence, contractors play an important role in realizing a building, regardless of its type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Contractor Work

Becoming a contractor is not easy, it takes special skills and patience so that the project can be carried out smoothly. Whatever a person’s profession, of course, has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages of being a contractor that can be categorized as good.

  1. The salary is high, at least 2x the minimum wage of the city where you work.
  2. Projects move around so you can minimize boredom because you can get a new work environment. So you are not in one environment for a long time.
  3. Not only can you change your work environment, your coworkers can also change every time you move a project. So you can get more acquaintances, new friends, and more work links.

After knowing the advantages of being a contractor, of course there are also things that are not good or bad. Anything? here’s the review.

  1. He doesn’t work according to time, it can be from morning to night so he has little time to spend with his family. Not only that, it’s also rare to socialize with the community.
  2. Possible to be placed in all regions of Indonesia. You can wander for life and be away from your family.
  3. Must be easy to adapt because you are required to always move projects with new atmosphere, new environment, and new coworkers. If you do not adapt easily, then you will be excluded from the world of work.

Those are some things related to contractor work. If you choose to engage in this world, it’s best to do well without any negativity that follows.


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