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Experienced Professional Heavy Equipment Contractor

heavy equipment contractor
Indo Tower Crane is a heavy equipment contractor that provides various types of heavy equipment with a choice of sizes and functions. Heavy equipment is equipment that is generally used to work with large quantities of materials or work with high risk.

The use of heavy equipment is usually found in the building construction industry, mining, plantation and agricultural industries, and various other needs. In addition to industrial needs, heavy equipment is also used for social work needs, for example for the post-disaster evacuation process. For those of you who are in need of heavy equipment, we are a heavy equipment contractor company ready to provide the best because we have the following qualities.

More complete machine selection

Whatever heavy equipment needs you want, we are heavy equipment contractors. Some of the product choices we have include:

  1. Tower crane
  2. Passenger hoist
  3. Excavators
  4. Bulldozer
  5. Drilling rig
  6. Graders
  7. Passenger hoist
  8. Pile Driver, and various other heavy equipment


We are a heavy equipment contractor with a wide selection of products available in various brands. You can choose which product has the specifications that best suit your needs and also the quality of the product that fits your budget. In addition to heavy equipment products, we also sell various spare parts for maintenance on your heavy equipment. Genuine spare parts of the highest quality are available to make it easier for you to make repairs on damaged heavy equipment or replace parts of machine components that are worn and must be replaced for the safety of the equipment.


Experienced Heavy Equipment Contractor in various fields

We heavy equipment contractors started our journey as land preparation which then spread to the field of road facilities and infrastructure and also bridges within an oil drilling company. Then we also have experience in the world of forestry to agribusiness by providing various kinds of heavy equipment that can be used for land processing to the construction of various kinds of construction and also the facilities needed. We are also an authorized distributor company appointed by Jianglu Machinery Plant Import & Export Company from China to market tower crane and passenger hoist products in Indonesia.

Armed with experience in the sale of heavy equipment and its use for various industrial needs in Indonesia, we are heavy equipment contractors ready to be your partner in procuring heavy equipment with proven quality, multipurpose, and direct from the factory. Every heavy equipment product that you get from us is a machine that is ready to use and its application is quite wide not limited to just one type of industry.


Strong desire to help build the country

We are a heavy equipment contractor company not only on a mission to sell or rent heavy equipment to companies or individuals in need. We also have a vision to participate in the development of the country by providing heavy equipment that is of higher quality, safer to use, and can work with heavy materials to accelerate the development process in Indonesia.

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