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Some Names Of Heavy Equipment In Construction


Recently, the use of heavy equipment for construction and manufacturing projects is a very supportive thing in the development carried out by the government, of course. Using heavy equipment will help shorten the time the work is carried out. However, do you know the name of the machine and its function?


Heavy Equipment Overview

Heavy equipment is a tool used to assist human work in terms of construction, both construction and manufacturing. Its use is an important thing in a project, especially mining projects, construction and other large-scale activities.

Using these heavy equipment aims to facilitate human work in producing a building in a relatively shorter time compared to ordinary work. These heavy equipment are very diverse and their functions vary depending on their respective classifications.


The classification of the name of the heavy equipment is related to its various functions, some are used to build roads, some are used to make buildings and others.


Names of Heavy Equipment Under Construction

The use of heavy equipment must be adapted to the conditions and also the field situation. The selection of an inappropriate tool can certainly affect the work starting from the time of completion and also the loss of costs that may occur from not achieving the target from the specified time. Previously, you need to understand about the function and also its application before determining the type or amount of heavy equipment that will be used later.

Call it heavy equipment that is often used for construction projects, including:

1. Dozer

Dozer is a tractor that has been equipped with a knife on the front which has a function to cut or push material. The type of work that uses the help of this dozer is the process of opening new roads, moving material over short distances, peeling top soil and also clearing land from trees, spreading materials, refilling canals, etc.

2. Digging Tool

Digging tool is a tool used to dig soil or rocks. This tool is better known as an excavator. Included in the digging tool category are backhoes, draglines, clamshells and front shovels.

3. Transport Equipment

Transport equipment is a tool that can transport material vertically and then move it over a relatively short distance in a horizontal manner. Meanwhile, for longer distances, use tools in the form of trucks, wagons and belts.

4. Soil Compaction Tool

Soil Compaction Tool is a tool used to compact the soil. That is, if there is a land that has a pile of soil, it is necessary to compact it so that the land can be leveled. It is usually used for road construction.

Those are the names of heavy equipment that are often used in construction and their functions. To get quality, please visit only.


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