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Various Types of Bulldozers You Can Rent


Bulldozer rental price – Bulldozer is a type of heavy equipment that is quite familiar to the public, even the general public. Its distinctive shape and unique name make this machine quite popular. Bulldozers are usually used to remove large amounts of material such as soil, sand, snow, or other materials by using a wide and thick metal plate on the front of the machine.

Its use can also be found in the building construction industry, agriculture, mining, heavy manufacturing industry, military bases, it can also be found used for housing and community life purposes, such as removing various kinds of materials that block connecting roads. For those of you who want to rent bulldozers, there are several types of heavy equipment that you should know so you can choose which product is more suitable.


Crawler bulldozer

This type of bulldozer does not use wheels as a means of propulsion but uses a crawler propulsion device as used in tanks. Crawler bulldozers are usually equipped with a ripper on the back, a tool similar in shape to a claw whose function is to break up hard or lumpy material. Crawler bulldozers are mostly used to move materials on uneven ground so that the steel plate on the front can move materials such as sand, soil, or other heavy materials more easily. You can contact us at +6221 5331188 This bulldozer rental price is for daily or monthly use.


Wheel bulldozer

As the name implies, this type of bulldozer uses wheels and tires as its driving force and is a heavy equipment that is generally used for building construction needs. In terms of size, the wheel type is larger than the crawler type and has a smoother performance and high performance so that the bulldozer rental price for the wheel type is more expensive than the crawler type. In addition to being relatively easier to use with maximum results compared to the crawler type, the wheel type bulldozer also uses a hydraulic steering system that makes it more flexible and can reach a narrower area.


The difference between steel plates used in bulldozers

The types of bulldozers are also distinguished by the shape of the steel plate on the front. Bulldozer with type U has a slab shape like the letter U which has a function so that the collected material does not spill from the sides of the plate. This bulldozer is better used to move materials for longer distances. In addition to the U shape, there are also bulldozer steel plates that use a straight shape or called S-blade, and also SU-blade which has a shape between S and U. Get to know each character and function of the different types of bulldozers available, get bulldozer rental prices the best to make your business easier.

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